SLMC registered doctors

Quality Care

SLMC Registered Doctors with an average 10 years of Consultation experience

Online Healthcare Benefits


Timely Access. Average Waiting time to see a Doctor is less than 1 hour.

Consult a doctor online

Healthy Employees

Scheduled and On-Demand Use of Doctor services via Web, Phone or Mobile App

Employees healthcare benefits

Happy Employees

We engage with our Users throughout the year, thus resulting in higher employee utilization

Why Choose Us?

Medical benefits for employees

Employee Engagement

Simple and Easy to use Interface ensures Employee Utilization and Satisfaction

corporate healthcare

Quality Care

Get Started on the right treatment path from Day One so that you can get better faster

Doconline customized offerings

Integrated and Inter Operatable Solutions

Choose from a wide range of solutions as per your needs Multiple options to enable customized offerings

Employees Health Data

Secure & Private

The Platform ensures Customer Data Privacy & Security

Employees healthcare predictive analytics

Clinical Insights

Clinical Insight capabilities including effective data management/predictive analytics, utilization of Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence etc. help to benefit your organization

Upload Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Users can avail and upload their Health Records and this can be used for all future Healthcare references

Quality Healthcare

Healthcare Standards Compliance

NDH ensures compliance with necessary regulations/guidelines to provide Quality Care with Trust

Employee productivity

Increase in Productivity

Our Healthcare services ensure employees are no longer required to abstain from work

How NDH can Help you?

We help you to create and sustain a healthier & happier workforce

Organizations Who Trust Us

Partnering with diverse and innovative companies

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