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How NDH Works

Using NDH helps to easily connect with doctor at a time and place suitable to you. Here, we explain how your visit works.

Healthcare for All. Stay on Track

With NDH, anyone can get access to healthcare services. It is very simple and helps make lives better.

Private and Confidential
Private & Confidential Customer Care Data

256 Bit data security. Stringent data privacy policies. Your data has one owner and that is you.

Personal Health Record
Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Your Personal Health Record is at one place, easy to access and helps to view past medical interactions.

Healthcare Features
One App. Multiple Healthcare Features

Get Unlimited Online Doctor Consultations. Connect all your family members and help them maintain their wellbeing. Our data analysis can help DocOnline become your Family Doctor.

Download the NDH App

  • Book Doctor Appointment Online
  • Speak to a Doctor Instantly
  • Consult doctors via Audio/Phone Call & Video
  • Store health records
  • Read health tips
  • Order Medicines Online & Get Lab Tests Done Easily

Online Doctor App

How Our online Doctor Consultations Work?

NDH Health is an online platform that connects patients with Doctors at the earliest via chat/audio/phone/video. Customers can book appointments, consult in preferred languages, View health records, order medicines to their doorsteps and have easy access to diagnostic services.

To use our services customers, need to REGISTER with NDH for FREE! After registration, they can subscribe to any of our plans. Alternatively, if they are Corporate Users, then they can directly use our service of Booking a Doctor Consultation.

Once the doctor consultation is done, doctors prescribe medicines or diagnostic tests if necessary.

Choose from our wide array of Diagnostic Tests/Packages or Order Medicines. Get these tests done at your place and continue with Follow Up consultations as required.