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  • The New-Normal: How life has changed by Rasini Bandara, Psychologist/HC Professional

    Many people say that they hope to return to the old normal when Corvid ends. It is true everyone of us feel so but things get changed and we need to face the challenge and start practicing new lifestyles to make sure that we are productive in the new normal.

  • Covid Update Around The World

    Just one click and get Covid updates around the world. Please click the link below.

  • The Future of Health

    Healthcare changes dramatically because of technological developments, from anaesthetics and antibiotics to magnetic resonance imaging scanners and radiotherapy.

  • NDH Services

    Nations Digital Hospital offers a variety of medical services online. Some of the services are free of charge. Join NDH community App and enjoy speedy and effective medical services online.

  • YOUR SEXUAL HEALTH MATTERS - Discussion with Dr Prageeth Premadasa

    Stay tuned for the full interview on 30th April with Dr. Prageeth Premadasa - consultant sexual health on all platforms

  • Your Health & Well-being Matters - Talk with Dr. Prageeth Premadasa

  • Mind Body Soul with NDH

  • Covid App

    The Western Province Epidemiology Unit has launched an app so that you can see live about the risk of covid around your location. The link is below.

  • Your sexual health matters

    Download the app and join with us..

  • Get Connected with NDH

  • The Hospital Visit of the Future

    Hospitals in the future will be much different than hospitals today, consolidated into larger systems and with technological advancements helping physicians provide better, safer, and more coordinated care.

  • Cure for Covid-19

    What is a Nasal Vaccine? Game changer for Covid-19

  • Science in 5

    In this video and audio series WHO experts explain the science related to COVID-19. This series is available every week on WHO's YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels and on all major podcasts platforms.

  • Learning with Meaning

    When we do want to learn something we focus on the positive side of it. if you feel that there is a gain.you start self learning . once own learning is the best way of learning today..

  • Meet Your Doctor- ITN Discussion on Diabetes

    Meet Your Doctor- ITN Discussion on Diabetes

  • Butterfly iQ: Pocket-Sized Ultrasound

    The entire ultrasound technology is built into the handheld body itself. Real-time images are viewed on a smartphone via a wired connection. This one ultrasound can be used to image the entire body!

  • Sri Lanka Kanneliya Rain Forest

    COVID - 19 threatens people impolitely to wear mask as they enter in to Kanneliya rain forest by preventing them to inhale the best oxygen in the world

  • Mastering Applied Psychology Reshapes Your Associates Lives and Yours

    Applied Psychology uses scientific and psychological principles and findings to study and solve practical problems of the human mind and behaviour. It is widely used in the fields of mental health, occupational psychology, business management, education, health, criminology, and law.

  • Wearing a Mask Can Help Us Get Out of Lockdown Safely

    Masks may be the key to keeping COVID-19 at bay and avoiding lockdowns in the future, new research suggests.

  • Stress and Your Thyroid: What's the Connection?

    Stress: A word that seems all too common in todays society. Not only can chronic stress wreak havoc on your overall health and well-being, but it can affect your thyroid too.